We have been attending court hearings and arbitrations for over a hundred years. Our team of highly skilled and experienced reporters produce high quality transcripts, which can be relied on as an accurate record of court proceedings. We offer a number of services to suit your budget and timescales.

Daily transcript service (write-outs)

Write-outs are where transcripts are delivered shortly after the hearing either in hard copy or by e-mail. We can supply transcripts in full page or condensed (4 to 1 page) formats. This is the preferred option for trials lasting more than a day. However, they are also used for one day and shorter hearings where expedition is invaluable for high stakes litigation. Same day transcripts can be the most cost-effective way of preparing a transcript.

If required, we can also split the proceedings into the morning and afternoon sessions, with the morning session being delivered prior to the afternoon’s session concluding. We can also deliver the morning’s rough “dirty copy” transcript during the lunchtime adjournment with the perfected transcript to follow.

Next day/after the event

Should you require a transcript for a less specific timeframe, we offer the same high quality service at a speed more suited to your requirements.