We are a leading provider of realtime transcription in all divisions of the High Court.  Our skilled reporters deliver an instantaneous verbatim account of everything said in court directly to your laptop or iPad.

This service, which has been used in hundreds of complex multi-party, high value court cases, provides you with an instantaneous and accurate electronic record of proceedings.

Realtime court reporting speeds up the legal process by enabling you to have reliable court testimony without any delays. You can annotate, mark and search testimony throughout the day and have a fully synchronised PDF transcript of proceedings delivered that same day. You can also view these transcripts remotely via the internet.

Advantages include:

  • Never miss anything
  • Attend court late – the transcript still feeds through
  • Use transcripts in cross-examination on the same day
  • Borrow one of our iPads or laptops, which can be taken away overnight.

Our Realtime service also includes full training as well as technical and in-court support each day from our Realtime Service Administrator.


Using CaseViewNet as our viewer, this service is unparalleled in quality and ease of use. Via wireless technology, this software enables you to easily mark passages and make quick and detailed searches without interrupting the live transcript feed. Innovative rapid refresh technology means no interruptions to the reporter’s edits during proceedings. CaseViewNet can easily be exported into a number of formats including ASCII, Summation, Textmap, LiveNote and Amicus.