We have been providing transcripts for the Crown Courts for over 100 years and have covered various regions over this period.

In 2017, we were appointed by the Ministry of Justice as the official transcribers for the North West region. From 26 June 2017 we will be exclusively responsible for producing verbatim transcripts from the following Crown Courts:

All orders are made through the EX107 form (please refer to guidance notes for filling in the form).

Once completed the EX107 form should be emailed or posted to the relevant Crown Court. Please also send a copy to us at crown@martenwalshcherer.com

If you need additional information to complete the form, please contact the relevant Crown Court.

If you know the length of the hearing, you can get an approximate estimate of the costs using the calculator below. Please contact us at crown@martenwalshcherer.com to get a full and more accurate estimate based on HMCTS hearing logs.

If you would like to contact us by phone, please call on 020 7067 2918.

Turnaround times commence after approval has been received from court via the EX107, the audio has been received and once payment in advance has been made.